Write the balanced equation for the overall reaction in acidic solution. Cr₂O₇²⁻(aq) + S₂O₃²⁻ (aq) → Cr³⁺ (aq) + S₄O₆²⁻ (aq) ANSWER QUICK PLEASE

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Given is the unbalanced redox reaction in which Cr2O72- is oxidizing agent and S2O32- is reducing agent.


We find out the balancing of this given reaction by ion electron balanced reaction method .


Steps of balancing a redox reaction

  1. First of all we identify the oxidation and reduction half .
  2. 2nd we find out the oxidizing and reducing agent.
  3. 3rd we find out the n-factor of oxidizing agent and reducing agent.
  4. 4th we find out the balance atom undergoing oxidation and reduction.
  5. 5th is we cross multiply the oxidizing or reducing agent with the n-factor.
  6. 6th step we balance the atoms other than hydrogen and oxygen.
  7. In 7th step we balancing the O -atom .
  8. In 8th step we balancing the H-atom.
  9. In 9th step we balance the charge.
Final solution


For acidic medium :

As soon as we add yH2O amounts then we also add 2y H+ ions on the opposite side.

n-factor =[( oxidation state of product)-(oxidation state of reactant)] *number of atoms

+6 +2 +3 +2.5

Cr2 O72- (aq) + S2O32- (aq) ⟶Cr3+ (aq) + S4O62-(aq)

As seen that S2O32-(aq) ⟶S4O62- oxidation state increases from reactant to product side so it undergoes oxidation

n-factor of this is =[(2.5-2)]*2=1

As seen that Cr2O72-(aq)⟶Cr3+(aq) oxidation state decreases from reactant to product side so it undergoes reduction .

n-factor of this is =[(3-6)]*2=-6

On balancing atom that undergo oxidation and reduction

Cr2O72- + 2S2O32-⟶2Cr3+ + S4O62-

Cross multiply the oxidizing or reducing agent with n-factor.

Cr2O72- + 12 S2O32-⟶2Cr3+ + 6 S4O62-

Balance the O-atoms.

Cr2O72- + 12S2O32- ⟶2Cr3+ + 6S4O62- +7H2O

Balance the H-atoms .

Cr2O72- + 12S2O32- + 14H+ ⟶ 2Cr3+ + 6S4O62- + 7H2O

Last step is the balance the charge

Charge in reactant side is = -12 and charge in product side is =-6

Overall final balanced equation is :

Cr2O72- + 12S2O32- +14H+ ⟶ 2Cr3+ + 6S4O62- + 7H2O



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