Empirical Formula of Zink Iodide.

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Given is the show calculation below for determining empirical formula for zinc iodide.

Mass of iodine given is 2g.

Mass of Zinc given is 2g.

Moles of zinc reacted is 0.008 mol

Moles of iodine reacted is 0.0164 mol

We find out the empirical formula from the given data .


We use the concept of empirical formula finding with the help empirical formula rules.

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Steps for writing empirical formula:

  1. We take reacted moles in consideration.

Here is the given is 0.008 mol of Zn and 0.016 mol of I after rounding off.

  1. Then divide the mole value with smallest number mole.

Here is the 0.008 mol is the smallest number so divide the given number of reacted moles with this smallest number.

Zn reacted mol/smallest number = 0.008/0.008=1

I reacted mol / smallest number = 0.016/0.008 =2

  1. After dividing keep them in ratio

Zn: I = 1: 2

  1. Now we write the empirical formula by mentioning the number after writing the symbols of respective elements.

ZnI2 is the empirical formula of the given compound.

Final solution

Empirical formula for zinc iodide is = ZnI2.



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