List Of All Companies Under Adani Group

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Gautam Adani serves as the proprietor of a multitude of enterprises within the Adani Group. Discover the complete list!

In the dynamic realm of business, numerous entrepreneurs stand out today, with Gautam Adani being a noteworthy figure. Currently, he holds the distinction of being recognized as one of the wealthiest individuals in India and the richest person in Asia, amassing a staggering wealth exceeding 96 billion dollars. It’s important to highlight that Gautam Adani is the owner of a diverse portfolio of companies, playing a pivotal role in the perpetual expansion of his wealth.

The inception of the Adani Group dates back to 1988 when Gautam Adani embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, initially focusing on Commodity Trading. Over the years, the Adani Group has evolved significantly, branching out into diverse sectors such as Food, Natural Gas, Electricity Generation, and more.

For those eager to explore the comprehensive List Of All Companies Under Adani Group, this article will provide you with the details.


No. Company Name
1 Adani Green Energy Ltd.
2 Adani Solar
3 Adani Wind
4 Adani Energy Solutions Ltd.
5 Adani Transmission
6 Adani Total Gas Ltd.
7 Adani Power Ltd.
8 Adani Enterprises Ltd.
9 Adani Ports & SEZ Ltd.
10 Adani Wilmar
11 Adani Realty
12 Adani New Industries Ltd.
13 Ambuja Cements
14 ACC
15 Sanghi Cement
16 Adani Airports Holdings Ltd.
17 Adani Road Transport Ltd.
18 North Queensland Export Terminal (NQXT)
19 Adani Connex
20 Adani Digital Labs Pvt Ltd.
21 Adani Electricity
22 Adani Capital
23 Adani Housing Finance
26 Adani Properties Ltd.


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