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Take the ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas quiz! Test your knowledge of Jack, Sally, & Halloween Town in this festive quiz for the family.

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From the creative and twisted mind of Tim Burton comes one of the best stop-motion animated films of all-time – The Nightmare Before Christmas.

But do you know why Tim Burton was unable to direct the film? Or why the film wasn’t released under the Disney Animated Features banner?

We’ll definitely start off with a few questions that are simple and straightforward. But we’re only lulling you into a state of confidence before we get into the more difficult Nightmare Before Christmas quiz.

Looking for the best Nightmare Before Christmas trivia?

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This is such a classic film

If you don’t already know, the film follows Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, as he discovers Christmas for the first time – and decides to take matters into his own hands to introduce Christmas alongside the traditions of Halloween.

Many iconic characters were created for this movie, including Sally, the frankenstein-like doll, Oogie Boogie the film’s main antagonist, and of course Santa Claus!

Who is your favorite character in the film? And who would you like to see make an appearance in the possible upcoming sequel? Rumors are starting to fly about The Nightmare Before Christmas 2!

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Lastly before we dive into these Nightmare Before Christmas quiz questions, we have to mention the music! This is HalloweenWhat’s This and Sally’s Song are just a few of our favorites.

Do you know who composed the music for the film? We’ll have a question about that too!

Okay, we think it’s time to get this spooky quiz started!

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Right, good luck everyone! Let’s see how you get on

Nightmare Before Christmas Quiz



What director stepped in when Tim Burton could not direct The Nightmare Before Christmas?


What character is known as The Pumpkin King?


What renowned composer scored the music for The Nightmare Before Christmas?


Tim Burton couldn’t direct The Nightmare Before Christmas because he was busy with what other film?


Who voiced Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas?


What is the name of the town where The Nightmare Before Christmas takes place?


Jack mistakes the name of Santa Claus for what other name?


The trick-or-treaters Jack tasks to kidnap Santa are named what?


What is the name of Jack’s dog in The Nightmare Before Christmas?


The film’s antagonist Oogie Boogie has an addiction to what?


In what year was The Nightmare Before Christmas released?


The Nightmare Before Christmas is the 10th highest grossing stop-animation film of all-time. What’s #1?


The Nightmare before Christmas was nominated for what Academy Award?


The 2004 video game based on The Nightmare Before Christmas is titled what?


Why wasn’t The Nightmare Before Christmas released under the Disney Animated Features banner?


How long did it take to shoot one minute of animation for The Nightmare Before Christmas?


What famed horror actor was initially cast to voice Santa Claus?


The Nightmare Before Christmas characters take over what Disneyland attraction every holiday season?


As of 2023, how much has The Nightmare Before Christmas grossed worldwide?


What actor narrated the ultimately cut opening scene of The Nightmare Before Christmas?

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