Name the following compounds using the preferred IUPAC nomenclature.

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Screenshot 2024 01 17 175401

Given data: Given are some compounds.

Find: Using the IUPAC nomenclature give the name of the following compound.


Using IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) we can give the name of any compound.

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Let’s name the compounds using the preferred IUPAC nomenclature:

  1. XeF4​ – Xenon tetrafluoride
  2. CuCl – Copper(I) chloride (Note: For copper(I) compounds, the Roman numeral is not usually specified, but it can be used to indicate the oxidation state of copper.)
  3. Mg(CN)2​ – Magnesium cyanide
  4. Au(OH)3​ – Gold(III) hydroxide
  5. PCl3​ – Phosphorus trichloride
  6. Cs3​N – Cesium nitride
  7. CrCl3​ – Chromium(III) chloride
  8. Ca(O2​)2​ – Calcium peroxide
  9. CuS- Copper(II) sulfide
  10. SO2​ – Sulfur dioxide
  11. N2​O4​ – Dinitrogen tetroxide
  12. Ag2​O- Silver(I) oxide (Note: Similar to copper, silver(I) compounds are often referred to without specifying the oxidation state.)
  13. MnO2​ – Manganese(IV) dioxide
  14. SnCl2​ – Tin(II) chloride
  15. Hg2​O- Mercury(I) oxide


Hence we found the name of the compounds.

Final solution

Therefore, by using the IUPAC we named the above compounds.



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