“Remembering Ustad Rashid Khan: Hindustani Classical Maestro’s Legacy and Impact on the Music World”

Ustad Rashid Khans

Language, Kolkata, January 9: Prostate cancer claimed the life of renowned Hindustani classical music vocalist Ustad Rashid Khan on Tuesday following a four-year fight. Khan worked tirelessly to introduce the art form to a vast number of listeners.

At the time of his death, Ustad Rashid Khan, the classical singer, was 55 years old. His devoted wife, two kids, and a daughter, who will carry on his priceless heritage, survive him.

Ustad Rashid Khans

Khan was the grandson of Inayat Hussain Khan, the gharana’s founder, and he belonged from the Rampur-Sahaswan gharana. Despite giving it our all, unfortunately, things didn’t work out as we hoped.. Around 3:45 PM, he passed away,” a representative of the private hospital where Khan was admitted stated.

Although Khan was responding well to conventional therapies, an extended hospital stay facilitated the rapid spread of infection and the emergence of problems, according to a physician from Khan’s medical team.

“I am aware of his passing.This is a huge loss for the entire international music community as well as for our nation.  Standing with his family at the hospital, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee remarked, “I am in deep mental anguish because I still cannot believe that Rashid Khan is no more.”

She talked about her close relationship with the singer, who was born in Badayun, Uttar Pradesh, but relocated to Kolkata with his family when he was ten years old in 1980. The artist made West Bengal his home.

“Our relationship was intensely personal… What a precious soul he was. We used to communicate frequently. We’re all with his family,” Banerjee remarked.

The Chief Minister declared that Khan would receive state honors and be given a gun salute at Rabindra Sadan, a government cultural center, on January 10, following the removal of his lifeless remains from the morgue.

She added that she will be attending the ceremony with her ministerial friends. After that, Khan’s lifeless remains will be brought to his Naktala home, and then they will be interred at the Tollygunge cemetery.


The master of music had been dependent on a ventilator. His health declined following a stroke last month, and since 2019, he has been receiving treatment for cancer.

A eulogy from lyricist and screenwriter Prasoon Joshi described him as “a voice through which God spoke to us” after his passing, amidst the outpouring of grief from the music community.


“The music industry has lost something irreplaceable with Rashid Khan’s passing. It is a blessing for all who were able to hear his performance. He was a priceless find. Joshi stated, “We shall meet Rashid Bhai above (in the next life).”

The loss of Ustad Rashid Khan, according to music director Pritam, is profound for the music industry. Haimanti Shukla, a seasoned singer from Bengal, described how they used to sing together while riding in the same car.

“Rashid Bhai was a kind individual who enjoyed great popularity among modern artists. Shukla remarked in a tearful voice, “He used to look forward to my ‘Bhai Phonta’ (Brother’s Day) every year.

Suvarna, a young singer from Bengaluru, compared Khan like a parent, therefore the music industry is mourning his passing.


“I can’t imagine that Ustad ji is no more,” said Iman Chakraborty, a different nationally recognized vocalist, expressing her shock at Ustadji’s passing. This isn’t the time to pass away. He has a really lovely voice!”


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