Which is the strongest intermolecular force exhibited by the molecule below?

Screenshot 2024 01 16 192450

Screenshot 2024 01 16 192450

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Given is what is the strongest intermolecular force exhibited by the molecule below.


1.Hydrogen bonding

2.London dispersion force

3.Dipole/dipole interactions.

We have to found out the which type of intermolecular force is present in this molecule.


We use the concept of H-bonding, London dispersion force and dipole -dipole interaction.

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In this molecule as seen has a polar bond between C=O due to electronegativity difference between C-atom and O-atom so, it is a polar molecule.


As C has partial positive charge and O has partial negative charge so polarity is confirmed in this molecule. As we know that;

  1. H-Bonding is a special type of dipole-dipole interaction in which there is large difference in the electronegativity of the covalently bonded atoms. That means that H-bond are formed between the highly polar N-H, O-H and H-F bonds. As

in this acetone molecule there is no large difference in electronegativity of C=2.55 and O=3.44 so H-bonding is not possible between two acetone molecules.

  1. London dispersion force =Dispersion force is associated between with non-polar structure. As acetone is polar molecule so London dispersion force is not possible.
  2. Dipole/dipole force is associated with polar molecule. Polar molecules have a partially positive side and a partially negative side or a dipole. Dipole -dipole forces operate between the molecules which are though neutral but possess permanent dipole. So, acetone fulfill all the requirements for dipole-dipole force. So, we can say between two acetone molecule there is strongest dipole -dipole force present.


So, between two acetone dipole -dipole are strongest interaction present because of its polarity.

Final solution


So, option 3. Dipole/dipole interaction is the correct choice of this question.



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