“Experience the Sankranti Magic: Vijay Binny’s ‘Na Sami Ranga’ – A Joyous Festive Film Starring Nagarjuna, Aashika Ranganath, Allari Naresh, and Raj Tarun”

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Making his directorial debut, choreographer Vijay Binny brings forth “Na Sami Ranga,” a Sankranti release featuring Nagarjuna, Aashika Ranganath, Allari Naresh, and Raj Tarun.

Being the concluding entry in the Sankranti film lineup, “Na Sami Ranga” manages to distinguish itself. Vijay Binny, acclaimed for his work in the 2019 Malayalam film “Porinju Mariam Jose,” steps into Telugu cinema with this joyous festive film. The cast, including Nagarjuna, Aashika Ranganath, Allari Naresh, Mirna Menon, Raj Tarun, and Ruhani Sharma, promises an entertaining Sankranti experience. (Read Also: Rukhsar Dhillon Praises Nagarjuna’s Performance in Na Sami Ranga)

“Na Sami Ranga” unfolds its story in 1988, with Kistayya (Nagarjuna) and Anji (Naresh) sharing a strong bond, dedicated to village head Peddayya (Nasar), who supported them in their formative years. Entrusted with the task of rescuing Bhaskar (Raj) from goons due to his love for Kumari (Rukhsar) from a neighboring village, their lives take an unexpected turn.

While “Na Sami Ranga” might not leave a lasting impact, it provides instant entertainment. The film is set against the backdrop of Bogi and Sankranti festivities, creating a joyful atmosphere. Dhashradhi Shivendra’s cinematography and MM Keeravani’s music contribute to the film’s allure. The narrative also sheds light on Konaseema’s traditions through the character Prabhala Teertham. The actors execute their roles with ease, and the director, in a lighthearted approach, even joins the actors in the title song during the evening.

Aashika Ranganath emerges as the highlight, portraying Varalakshmi in a film with multiple narrative arcs. Though not omnipresent, she captures attention each time she graces the screen. Varalakshmi’s emotional journey with her father (Rav Ramesh) and her affection for Kistayya form a crucial part of the storyline. Aashika not only enchants with her presence but also delivers a praiseworthy performance. Witnessing a heroine standing up for herself, instead of relying on rescue, a departure from conventional masala films, brings a refreshing twist. Shabeer Kallarakkal also stands out with his portrayal of Das, Peddayya’s mentally challenged son.

In conclusion, “Na Sami Ranga” offers a delightful Sankranti viewing experience with its festive ambiance, captivating visuals, and commendable performances. Though it might not carve a permanent space in memory, it successfully serves its purpose as festive season entertainment.



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