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A subset of accounting known as financial accounting is focused on reporting, summarizing, and evaluating business-related financial activities.


For continued profitability and compliance, professionals must have an excellent grasp of financial accounting.

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Preparing cash flow statement:

Cash Flow Statement
Year end 31 December 2024

Item Amount
Net income $36,000
Adjustments to Balance Operating Activities’ Net Cash and Net Income:
Depreciation expense (non-cash expense) $5,000
Increase in current liabilities (cash outflow) -$19,000
Decrease in current assets other than cash (cash inflow) $10,000
Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities $22,000


A financial statement that offers comprehensive data on all of a company’s cash inflows and outflows is called a statement of cash flows.

Final solution

Cash flow from the operating activity- $22,000.




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